Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some things last forever

I wanted to do something really special for The Seamonkey's preschool teachers last year and I got this idea from magpienight.  They were fun and easy to make and the teachers loved them.

The school is part of UNLV and the teachers' helpers are students at the university.  I wanted to give them something, too, so I took a photo of the stitchery and made magnets.  I think even the guys appreciated them!

I loved the idea of giving them something that would last longer than a gift card or a flower.  I also liked being able to make it so personal-to show them just how grateful our family was to them for taking such good care of our Seamonkey and for being such a big part of his life.

It's never a three-hour tour...

Last year, some friends and I decided to do a towel swap- a spring towel swap.  It should still end up being one as everyone will probably receive their towels this spring.  sigh, life, whatnot.  Some kids are doing the same type of design on each towel and some kids are doing something different on each.  I'm one of the latter, it's given me a chance to try some different stitches & patterns, to challenge myself.  I'm mostly happy with each piece (I am my own worst critic after all).  It's been so much fun & it's also helped me to see & feel the stitching of other, more talented  & experienced, stitchers.  I cannot wait to get my towel back!

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