Monday, November 19, 2012

The years they are a'flyin'...

Has it really been this long?  Sigh.  Life.  Whatnot.

Okay, back to it.  

I've been maintaining optimum craftiness, just not blogging about it.  I have been embroidering and I love it.  I promise to post pics soon.  Not two years soon, like soon soon!  I'm still fine-tuning my transferring and what not.  The stitching is the easy part!  I've got some kick-A friends who love to help and are super supportive.  I'm grateful to them on this gobble day eve/eve/eve (right?) and always and forever.  

Last week my dear Vegas Bloggers buddy and now real life buddy, Wendy, taught me how to make a super cute wreath.  I made one, then another one, then another one...I can't be stopped!  

This one is 18-inches.

This one is 16-inches

This one is 12-inches

I dusted off my long-neglected Etsy site and listed a couple of them.  Times are tough true believers and mama's got to make some Seamonkey Birthday/Christmas money!  It's not falling from the sky like I keep dreaming it will.  Sigh. Life. Whatnot.  

I'm excited to be crafting in earnest again.  It's all I really love to do.  Thanks for hanging in there with me, following the dust bunnies, and keeping hope alive!  Let's get crafty!


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  1. OMG I'm honored that you mentioned me! I saw your etsy listing on FB last night and thought WOW I should put up my extra wreath there too. Good for you! We need to get together again!